Enjoy is an exploration of individual freedom and the courage to choose your own path while living in the great moment, in the very forefront of now.

To complete this project I collaborated with some of Madrid’s new art scene key protagonists during a nine-year period, 2011-19. With almost eighty artists portrayed, Enjoy, is not a documentary work but a collaboration in which I involve the subjects of my photography in the creation of the final images, encouraging them to engage in the narrative I’m constructing.
The result is images caught in a tension between the staged story and the testimonial record, imbued with fantasy as much as reality, unreliable and open-ended, thus, reflecting the instability of our times.

Since being shortlisted last year in Photo London Book Dummy Awards, Enjoy is out now in photobook format under the new title Freedom Tastes of Reality.
More info on Formidable Books’ website.