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In 2021, Nature, Art & Habitat Residency – NAHR, published the project I did during my fellowship back in 2017 in their residency in Val Taleggio, northern Italy. The book contains both, the images resulting from the bio-inspired analog process, […]

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Photobook / Freedom Tastes of Reality

Freedom Tastes of Reality / Juan Barte · (premium and trade editions) Freedom Tastes of Reality is a celebration of our bodies in the era of the disembodiment of all human relations. Life doesn’t just happen around our bodies anymore. […]

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Catalogue / We Are Made of Stars

Catalogue for my solo exhibition “We Are Made of Stars” at Atelier Laforest, the studio, and the gallery of The Robert Munford Estate. 25 black and white plates, 68 pages, texts by curator Rodney Obien and artist Juan Barte. 30 […]

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