Born and raised in Spain, Barte had a diverse career that led him to live in places like Los Angeles, Tokyo, Laos or Madrid. In the past, he developed his career in graphic design for companies such as The Walt Disney Company. However, photography was always one of his main fields of interest, so in 2012 he decided to devote himself fully to this “obsession”. Barte’s work has been widely published in specialized media and exhibited in both galleries and public institutions. He is also coordinator of Photobook Club Madrid actively promoting the spread of photography culture through different events.

EXHIBITIONS (selected)
2018 We Are Made of Stars. The Estate of Robert W. Munford-Atelier Laforest, Dennysville, Maine (september)
2017  Fellow at NAHR, Nature, Art & Habitat Residency. Taleggio, Italy
2017  Espacio Raw Collection. Group Exhibition. Huete National Museum of Photography-Antonio Pérez Foundation. Huete
2016  Pop-up. Group exhibition. Alvaro Alcázar Gallery, Madrid
2016  La Poética de la Libertad-Alta Expresión. Group exhibition (Ai Weiwei, Canogar, Chirino, Farreras, Feito, Galindo). Cuenca Cathedral. IV Centennial Anniversary Celebration of Cervantes’ Death, Cuenca
2016  Ibicenco. Group exhibition. Touring the island of Ibiza
2015  Ibiza Naked White. Solo exhibition. Pacha The Gallery, Ibiza
2015  Ibiza de Luz. Solo exhibition. Espai Cultural Sa Punta des Molí. San Antonio, Ibiza
2015  Masks. Online group exhibition. Lenscratch Magazine. Cleveland, Ohio
2015  Music Time. Group exhibition. Curated by Dis Berlín. My Name is Lolita gallery, Madrid
2014  Art’s B-side. Installation with Alicia Sen. La Cárcel Cultural Center, Segovia
2012  Art series 36. Group exhibition. Lapieza Gallery, Madrid

2018  Beis Revista de Arte Contemporáneo. Disfruta, entrevista.
2017  The Best of Ibiza Magazine, Ibiza 69
2017  El Mundo-Metrópoli. La Ibiza que no Suena a Techno
2017  Tendencias del Arte. Carlos Franco
2016  Dreck Magazine (UK). Ibiza Naked White
2015  El Comercio Sunday magazine cover. Manuel Calvo
2015  El Diario de Canarias, Sunday magazine.Eugenio Merino
2014  Farreras. Exhibition catalogue
2014  El año que crecí. Guillermo Mora. Exhibition catalogue
2014  Formidable Magazine. Guillermo Martín Bermejo
2013  IVAM, Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno. Rafael Canogar. Exhibition catalogue
2013  Beis, contemporary art magazine. Miki Leal
2013  La Galerie des Pentes (France) Biennale de Lyon. Abel Azcona. Exhibition poster
2013  Absolute Network magazine. Abel Azcona
2013  Madriz magazine. Guillermo Mora
2013  El Mundo, daily national newspaper. Abel Azcona
2013  Beis, contemporary art magazine. Eugenio Merino
2013  Magazine.
Todo Arte magazine. Abel Azcona
2012  GQ magazine. Lucía Muñoz
2012  ABC, daily national newspaper. Albano Hernandez
2012  Formidable Magazine. Nuria Mora
2012  Sala de arte Van Dyck. Luis Feito. Exhibition catalogue
2012  Plataforma de arte contemporaneo, PAC, magazine. Eugenio Merino
2012  Frizzi magazine (Italy). Eugenio Merino