¿Dónde reposáis los que fuisteis?
Vuestras palabras claras me llegan a la mente.

[Where do you rest those of you who mattered?
Your distinct words reach my mind.]*

Ibiza 6-9 is a photographic bridge to a bygone era, the late 1960s and early 1970s, when change seemed possible, and when a better and freer world could be imagined. It also raises the question if our present-day, somehow, could share similarities with that time.

This project adopts the concept of circular time, a belief of ancestral cultures, where past and present seamlessly co-exist. Consequently, these photographs connect us with both, a time we should not forget, and an imagination of a future still yet to be.

Through a hallucinatory dream posited between reality and fiction, the images in this project join us with our shared history, our planet, and the cosmos at large. A universe where 6 could very well be 9.


* Xavier Sabater. (lines 1-2). Own translation.