We Are Made of Stars / The Robert Munford Estate / Dennisville, Maine

“We Are Made of Stars” is Juan Barte’s exhibition at Atelier Laforest, the studio, and the gallery of The Robert Munford Estate. September, 2018. Curated by Rodney Obien.

This series of photographs is a sensuous hallucinatory black and white dreamscape shaped together in hypnotic rhythm. Teetering between fiction and reality, herein a world whose borders are fluid and blurry, where six may turn out to be nine. It’s time is that of the ancient culture shamans, circular instead of linear.
The images in this exhibition and catalogue join us with our shared history, our planet, and the cosmos at large. For we are made of stars.
“I deliberately impose my aesthetic intention on reality whilst drawing inspiration from the psychedelic era music.”