“We Are Made of Stars” is Juan Barte’s exhibition at Atelier Laforest, the studio, and the gallery of The Robert Munford Estate.
It’s a selection of photographs drawn from Barte’s most recent work on the island of Ibiza.
It is a photographic bridge to a bygone era, the late 1960s, and early 1970s, when change seemed possible, and when a better and freer world could be imagined. It also raises the question if our present-day, somehow, could share similarities with that time.
This project adopts the concept of circular time, a belief of ancestral cultures, where past and present seamlessly co-exist. Consequently, these photographs connect us with both, a time we should not forget, and an imagination of a future still yet to be.
Through a hallucinatory dream posited between reality and fiction, the images in this exhibition and catalogue join us with our shared history, our planet, and the cosmos at large. For we are made of stars.