Ibiza Naked White will show this summer divided into two solo exhibitions. Ibiza de Luz opening on Friday, June 26th at Sa Punta de Molí Culture Center, and next August 11, Ibiza Naked White at Pacha el Hotel.
Ibiza de Luz focuses on the landscape aspect of the project while Ibiza Blanco Desnudo will show the project as a whole.

“Ibiza de Luz” could be defined as the Mediterranean sunlight filtered through the leaves of an olive tree. It is the journey of that light through the lands, walls, forests, and waters of Ibiza. A celebration of light and delicacy, images that emerge directly from the light of the island that extends through this exhibition in all its nuances.
“Ibiza de Luz” with its black and white, is a tribute to both the timeless Ibiza present in our collective memory, as well as the Mediterranean light invariable since the beginning of time.
As the British poet Stephen Watts said: “ancient sunlight is where poetry & language come from”. -Juan Barte