A photobook is an important milestone in the career of every photographer. It’s a process that requires a large investment of time, energy, and resources.
With a multitude of photobooks published every year and with more and more publication channels available, how do you make a book that does justice to your project and stands out from the rest?
Together we will trace the path from the concept of the base project of the book, through the editing and sequencing of images, to the design of a model and the final production of the book

Bajo Una Luz / Vicente García-Morato Jorreto. From his privileged position as a surgeon, Vincent introduces us to the liturgy of the operating room. Read more…

19/12 / Sylvie Puillet. «An intimate journey into the inner and sensory space of “reliving” my mother’s illness through my own.»

19 / Marta Carballo. A multidisciplinary project around the fires that ravaged Asturias in 2017. Taking the land as origin and destination and after an investigation with the Emergency Service of Asturias, Marta, photographed the 19 affected areas. Read more

Me Seco el Pelo al Viento / Alejandra López-Zaballa. It shows us the girls of the Casa Hogar de Oaxaca with all their curiosity, vulnerability, energy, and joy in the face of adversity.

Menarquia / Elena Lenguas. A portrait where women, the main guardians of the native culture, fight a silent battle to preserve a past culture.

Luna Blu / Elizabeth Klar. It shows Klar’s family in nature, free from restrictions, the rules, and the codes of urban culture. The images were taken over the span of 14 years, in Los Roques, Venezuela, where she and her children spent their holidays.

Atemporalité / Sylvie Puillet. A trip to the anonymous neighborhoods of Havana, where people still have time for people. Read more…

Zaara / Albano Piazza. Read more…